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Tokyo Player's Brand


ZAWA is a lifestyle brand envisioned by a group of Tokyo poker players who wanted to share their story through the creation of exclusive products, businesses and events. Our dream is to change the way poker is perceived in Japan and share our interpretation of the community, culture and lifestyle of poker. Established in 2015 and is based in Tokyo, Japan. 

尾尻泰洋 代表
Yasuhiro Ojiri, Founder

(english follows)

尾尻は学生時代をイギリスで過ごし、QueenMary, University of Londonを卒業後、日本でCitiGroup証券、JPモルガン証券で外国債券営業として勤務した。2012年に独立、為替のシステム運用ファンドを設立し、現在も世界中の投資家から運用資金の管理を任されている。ポーカーは証券会社勤務時代に先輩から教えてもらい、すぐにゲームの面白さに惚れ込んだ。日本でもアメリカやヨーロッパのように社会的地位も高いスポーツとしての認知がされるよう普及活動に取り組んでいる。

Yasuhiro spent his youth in the UK where he graduated from QueenMary, University of London. Upon graduation Yasuhiro became an investment banker working at CitiGroup and JPMorgan specializing in foreign bond sales. In 2012, Yasuhiro started his own hedge fund and continues to manage global clients’ investments today. During his time as a banker, Yasuhiro was first introduced to poker and has since fallen in love with the game. Yasuhiro aspires to promote the game as a sport to his native Japan and aims to achieve the same level prestige for the game in North America and Europe.